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Kishugu believes in the power of the collective. We are all about breaking ground in pursuit of discovering innovative solutions and empowering others, aiming to make a social, economic and environmental impact beyond expectations and borders. Kishugu is the leader in many fields and strives – for the greater good – in everything we do.

Kishugu Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Kishugu Holdings (Pty) Ltd consists of four subsidiaries, Kishugu Aviation (Pty) Ltd, Kishugu Fleet Solutions (Pty) Ltd, Kishugu Training (Pty) Ltd and Working on Fire (Pty) Ltd.

Kishugu has been the implementing agent for the award winning EPWP, Working on Fire Programme for the past 18 years, and still going strong.

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Creating future business leaders

Kishugu Training recently undertook a new initiative for the betterment, upliftment and skills development of the people of our province. With the opening of the Kishugu Business School, we create future business leaders through education excellence we see this as ground breaking as KBS would be encouraging though leadership and action research programmes that forms the basis for defining future action.

Kishugu Holdings & KBS

Our belief in high environmental and ethical and skill development standards is reflected in our core values of accountability, teamwork, excellence and making a difference.

Our specialised management teams are experts in a diverse market and are bound to make a success of every new initiative they undertake.

A dream came true for the directors of the Kishugu Business School when its doors opened in January 2022. Through Kishugu Training, an academy that offers a wide variety of courses, from wildland firefighting, to First Aid Training and Conservation and Tourism, a Driving School, Security Training and Early Childhood Development, they also envisioned a business school to create a platform for the people of our province to study various courses from Diplomas to skills programmes and in return create future business leaders through education excellence.

Kishugu Business School (KBS), which opened its doors this month, gives you a chance to a brighter future. Anyone who would like to do a course in Accounting and Business, Paralegal, ICT and Digital Business or Hospitality and Tourism.

According to Thomas Varghese, a director of KBS, they aim to be a Training and Education centre of choice and to create skilled citizenry in our province.

“Our students should enjoy affordable courses and at the same time embrace innovation, optimal use of technology and develop human competency,” he said.

He continued that the Kishugu Business School will serve those students who wish to obtain a formal qualification and an accredited membership of an esteemed and recognised institutes that will allow them to participate freely in the employment market and, more importantly, prepare them to become entrepreneurs for creating employment.

This will be done through partnerships with The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants (ICBA), COMPTIA for IT Training, and Highfield International body on Hospitality and Tourism. The leadership and Management faculty is in discussions with international universities such as Indian Institute of Management – to have alliance, partnerships and collaborations in the offering of Management development programmes.

KBS, through its technological and instructional resources will seek engagements with other role players to enhance the standard of employment and entrepreneurship in the province – a research division that would host a pool of knowledge, a pioneering local initiative on Business Talks – (Business, Innovations, solutions and more.)

We are proud to announce that the Kishugu Business School also formed a Council to give academic, strategic and practical guidance and lead in our course offerings. Profound personalities as Prof John Shongwe – the Chairperson of the council, Mrs Pinky Phosa, Mr. William Lubisi, Mr. Jyotish Namboothiri and Ms. Cornelia Basson, brings their own skillset, knowledge and leadership to the business school.

“Kishugu is proud to be associated with leaders in the industry and will be working closely with the council and other corporates in the same industries to place and groom students,” Thomas stated.


A business school of choice for Training and Education to create skilled citizenry.


To pool our skills and expertise to ensure value in every assignment for our students through:

Value creation
Human competency development
Embracing Innovation
Optimal use of technology
Listening to our stakeholders


Kishugu Ethics Line

We strive for excellence in all our operations. To be excellent, we need to be accountable for our actions.

Accountability is key to Kishugu’s continued success and for this reason, we make available – to all our stakeholders – a free and anonymous, externally operated Ethics Line.

This management tool enables concerned employees, partners, suppliers etc., associated with Kishugu to anonymously report any fraudulent, corrupt and unethical practices to an independent third party – Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd. By doing so, you can help protect the integrity of the organisation.

Whistle Blowers

Whistle Blowers has a 24-hour service, every day of the year and their agents are well able to assist you with any concerning matter. They promise to protect your identity by keeping your calls safe, secure and anonymous.

To contact Whistle Blowers, you can make use of any of the following platforms:

Phone: 0800 111 528
SMS: 33490
Email: kishugu@whistleblowing.co.za
Website: www.whistleblowing.co.za

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