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Occupational Certificate: Paralegal

The Occupational Certificate: Paralegal is a qualification intend to offer by Kishugu Business School to individuals who aspire to embark on a rewarding career in the field of paralegal practice.

Practicing attorney’s often have a number of paralegal experts in their teams who works on specific areas of legality on matters at the attorney’s disposal. This provides a great opportunity for employability and/or consulting service business to be established.

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Course overview

Who is the Qualification For?

This qualification caters to school leavers, existing employees, and qualified individuals who are driven to establish a career in paralegal practice. It equips learners with foundational knowledge and practical skills required to excel as paralegals in diverse settings, such as Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), governmental bodies, community-based legal advice offices, public institutions, commercial entities, and private law firms across the nation.

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Admission requirements

Grade 12

Further Qualifications

Upon completing the Occupational Certificate: Paralegal, you’ll have a solid foundation that can propel you toward higher-level qualifications in the paralegal or legal profession. Some of the pathways for further studies include:

  • Diploma in Paralegal Studies, NQF Level 6: This diploma program offers in-depth knowledge and skills development, preparing you for more complex legal responsibilities. It encompasses advanced legal research, case management, drafting legal documents, and specialized areas of law.
  • Diploma: Legal Interpreting, NQF Level 6: If you’re interested in enhancing your language skills while working within the legal domain, this diploma provides training in legal interpretation. You’ll be equipped to bridge communication gaps in legal proceedings and ensure accurate understanding between parties.

Career Opportunities

• Paralegal Practitioner: As a qualified paralegal, you’ll contribute to the effective operation of legal entities and organizations. You’ll assist lawyers in research, document preparation, case management, and client communication.
• Legal Researcher: Your skills in legal research and analysis will enable you to work in research-focused roles, helping legal professionals gather relevant information to build strong cases and arguments.
• Legal Advisor in NGOs: NGOs and community-based organizations often require legal expertise to address social justice issues. As a paralegal, you can provide valuable advice on matters related to human rights, dispute resolution, and community empowerment.
• Governmental Organizations: Government bodies require paralegals to support legal proceedings, draft documents, and manage administrative tasks within legal departments.
• Commercial Institutions: Private businesses and corporations require legal assistance for contracts, compliance, and various legal matters. Your skills will be in demand to ensure smooth operations and adherence to regulations.
• Entrepreneurial Ventures: Armed with legal knowledge, you may explore entrepreneurial opportunities, such as offering legal consulting services or establishing your own paralegal practice within the bounds of the law.

Course curriculum

The Occupational Certificate: Paralegal is definite to become a gateway to a diverse and impactful career in the legal field. This qualification not only equips you with essential paralegal skills but also paves the way for further academic pursuits. By pursuing this qualification, you’ll not only enrich your personal and professional growth but also contribute to promoting justice, rights, and dispute resolution within your community and the nation at large.

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