Student application form

Please read the information and instructions contained in the following pages carefully before completing the Application Form.


  1. This form must ONLY be completed by applicants that wishes to pursue studies with Kishugu Business School.
  2. International and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) applicants must submit required documents as attachments.
  3. Consult the Kishugu Business School (KBS) website for more details on programme
  4. Prospective applicants who have handed in their Application Form should track their application status via email – If accepted, your acceptance letter will be emailed to the email address provided at the time of registration.



  • NB: Only one (1) Application Form per applicant is allowed. Any additional applications will not be processed.
  • This form must be completed by all applicants applying to the KBS for the first time. Returning students with a break in their studies of a year or more, must re-apply to continue their studies (no application fee payable).
  • It is in the interest of the Applicant to ensure that this form is completed in full and that certified copies of all supporting documents are enclosed (ensure that certified copies are less than three (3) months old). If any questions are left unanswered or certified documents are not enclosed, or the contract is not signed, it will cause a delay as the form will be returned to you for completion.
  • For any further enquiries, contact the Admissions Office at +27 13 591 0494 or email

Admission requirements

  • Consult faculty and prospectus brochures for minimum admission and specific qualification requirements.
  • Applicants with Senior Certificate subjects on Higher and/ or Standard Grade (pre-2009) are still accepted.
  • All applicants who comply with the minimum requirements are still subjected to a selection process.

Documents to be submitted with your Application Form

  • A certified copy (less than three (3) months old) of the first page of your Identity Document/ Card must accompany your application.
  • A certified copy (less than three (3) months old) of your National Senior Certificate (NSC) or equivalent qualification must be submitted with your application. If you are currently in Grade 12, please submit your Final Grade 11 marks obtained. Also note that full acceptance to the programme will be based on your Final Grade 12 results.
  • If you attended any other higher education institution, an original Academic Record and a Certificate of Conduct, or certified copies (less than three (3) months old) of other certificates/ diplomas/ degrees obtained previously, must also be submitted.
  • Should the name on the NSC or equivalent qualification differ from the name on the Application Form, proof should be provided to explain the change in name.
  • International applicants must also meet the requirements set out in their chosen course.
  • Consult us for additional requirements for certain qualifications (downloadable from website).
  • KBS reserves the right to verify and take legal action if documents are not authentic.

International applicants (foreign citizens)

  • Certified copies of the following applicable documents must accompany this form (must be less than three (3) months old):
  • a) Permanent residency applicants: Passport and proof of permanent residency/ SA Identity Document/ Card.
  • b) Refugee asylum seeker temporary permit/ formal recognition of refugee status in the RSA. c) Passport:
    All international applicants are required to submit a SAQA certificate when applying to CPUT for all the programmes. 

Approved qualifications obtained outside the Republic of South Africa (RSA)

  • An applicant may qualify for admission on the basis of qualifications obtained outside the RSA, whether they are SA citizens or not. Each case will be dealt with on an individual basis.
  • Your school-leaving certificate should be submitted with the English translation of the certificate.
  • An evaluation by SAQA is mandatory for all non-South African qualifications. SAQA can be contacted at: Postnet Suite 248, Private Bag X06, Waterkloof 0145, South Africa. Tel: +27 (0)12 431 5000; Web:

Foreign/ International school-leaving certificates held by SA citizens

  • SA citizens who are holders of foreign/ international certificates (e.g. Cambridge International Examinations) can be admitted ONLY IF they meet the minimum requirements for studying at a KBS in South Africa, and in addition, meet the minimum admission requirements of the programme they are applying for (according to the faculty-specific requirements). Each case will be dealt with on an individual basis.
    An evaluation by SAQA is mandatory for all non-South African qualifications. SAQA can be contacted at: Postnet Suite 248, Private Bag X06, Waterkloof 0145, South Africa. Tel: +27 (0)12 431 5000; Web:

Application Fee

  • There is no application fee payable for online applications.
  • A non-refundable R500 application fee for all courses except for ICT and Digital Studies, where a registration fee of R250 is applicable (or R300 late applications fee, should KBS advertise availability of space in programmes applied for after the closing application period) must accompany this manual form. Please ensure that you attach the original proof of payment.
    The following payment methods are accepted:
    • Cash payments can be made on or before the closing date, directly to the Cashiers’ Office on the campus where this facility exists.

Fee Payment Options

  • All fees are to be payed upfront. Student scan choose the following options to pay:
    • a) Full payment on registration
    • b) Monthly upfront payments which are payable over a period of a maximum on eight (8) months or lesser as informed by the course duration.
    • Right to access to any Kishugu facility or learning resources will be restricted should payment not be honoured as per agreement and terms.

Complete the form below

*Note: Not all courses offered by Kishugu Business School are available online.
Choose as many as applicable
Applications will not be processed without the required certified copies of documents listed in the guide to the completion of the application form (pages 1 and 2).
Applications will not be processed unless the legal undertaking on this application form has been completed and signed by all the parties concerned.


By completing above form and submitting the form I declare that all the particulars supplied by me in this form are true, complete and correct.

I accept that any incorrect or misleading information could lead to the cancellation of this application.

1. I undertake:

1.1. to comply with all the rules and regulations, including the disciplinary rules, of the KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS), including any amendments thereof as published from time to time and to acquaint myself with all the provisions thereof;

1.2. to notify the relevant department immediately should:

i. I cancel or abandon my studies,

ii. I change my address,

iii. or any changes to information that has been submitted in this form; and

1.3. to familiarise myself with and adhere to all the rules and general regulations applicable to the qualification for which I intend to enroll, as well as the rules regarding the payment of fees.

2. I undertake that I will not hold the KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS) liable nor make any claim against the KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS) for any compensation and/ or any expenses incurred or damages suffered as a result of or in respect of any injury to me or illness or my death, irrespective of whether any such damages, injury or death may have been attributable to any degree of negligence on the part of the KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS) or one or more of its employees or other person(s) for whose actions it might, but for this undertaking, have been responsible.

3. I am aware that my enrolment is only valid if it complies with the applicable prescripts and regulations governing the qualification concerned, notwithstanding the acceptance of this enrolment by the KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS).

4. I accept that, if I abandon, cancel or change my qualification or my studies at the KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS) at any time, no cancellation or reduction of fees will be considered and that I will remain liable for the payment of all fees in full.

5. I agree and consent that the KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS) may provide me with statements of account and any other communiqués by way of electronic communication through data messages or online services. These data messages may be sent to my cellular number, or my KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS) student email address.

6. I undertake to accept the responsibility for the payment of fees (tuition, residence and any other applicable fees).

6.1. Payments will be made into the following account:
Account Name: Kishugu Business School (Pty) Ltd.
Bank Name: ABSA
Branch: Nelspruit
Branch Code: 632005
Account Number: 41 0277 7838
Reference: Student ID/Passport Number

6.2. I will ensure that KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS) will receive original proof of payment whenever payment towards my account. This will either be submitted directly to the reception desk at KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL or emailed to

6.3. I do understand and accept that the registration fees paid are non-refundable.

7. I hereby give permission that information about my academic progress be divulged to the person/ bursar liable for payment of fees. I consent to personal information being used for Government and KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS) statistical purposes.

8. I agree, understand, consent and irrevocably authorise the KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS) to keep, use, process and verify information in paper and electronic format, including information supplied by me during the application and registration process.

9. I agree, understand, consent and irrevocably authorise KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS) to communicate and report to my spouse, parents or legal guardians or any person or body responsible for the payment of my tuition fees or bursary provider regarding my academic and general progress and matters related to my fees account at the KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS).

10. I hereby irrevocably authorise and expressly give my consent that the KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS) may use, provide or disclose any information including my personal information that may reasonably be required by third parties for the purpose of research, educational opportunities and making bursaries/sponsorships available to prospective applicants at KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS).

11. I hereby irrevocably authorise and expressly consent that KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS) may use, provide or disclose my personal information which information may reasonably be required for research purposes, including statistical or historical purposes or to a prospective employer.

I hereby undertake to inform KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS) of any disciplinary proceedings (finalised or pending) against me at any other Institution of Higher Learning which I may attend or have attended prior to applying at KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS), failing which, my registration at KISHUGU BUSINESS SCHOOL (KBS) may be terminated.

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